Top 5 most common harmful drugs in America


Drug use in America has been a problem for decades.  One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family against the harmful effects addiction to these substances can cause is to educate yourself about their dangers.  Many people associate the work drugs with illegal substances but the truth is in the United States two of the most harmful drugs responsible for the highest number of addicts and deaths are Legal.  Here is a look at the top 5 most commonly used drugs in America.

Making the number one and number two spots on the list are alcohol and tobacco.  Both of these substances are consumed by a large portion of the population.  They differ from some other drugs because they are legal and not seen as harmful if used recreationally.  The problem comes when people become addicted to them and start chain smoking and binge drinking.  Both alcohol and Tobacco have been linked to deadly diseases.  Alcohol and Tobacco can also cause dangers not just for their users but others around them.  Secondhand smoke and drunk driving are both responsible for a large number of deaths each year. Visit this website to get more details about harmful drugs and their side effects on your health.

The third most commonly used drug in the United States is Marijuana.  There is much controversy about whether or not this substance should be legalized for recreational use.  People on both sides of the argument can present solid evidence to support their side.  THC, is the ingredient in marijuana that can be consumed in many ways to produce a high.  Often times its supporters argue that its effects on the body are no worse than smoking cigarettes or drinking and some argue that they are less harmful if used responsibly.  Whichever side of the argument you find yourself on, everyone will agree that marijuana is a commonly used drug that if abused can cause problems for its user. If you are more curious about maintaining your health then visit this website for useful information.

The next category of drugs is a tricky group.  Prescription drugs can help us when they are prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed.  Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of people abuse these drugs and become addicted to them.  Combining these drugs with alcohol or taking too many of them can be very harmful and even cause death.  One of the most common groups of prescription drugs that are abused are painkillers.

The next drug on the list differs from the ones mentioned so far because instead of having the effect of bringing you down, it causes you to feel awake and in turn can dangerously raise your heart rate and have other extremely harmful effects on your body.  Cocaine, long known as the recreational drug of choice for the wealthy is often shown in films as the Hollywood elite’s drug.  Some studies have shown that over one and a half million people are currently regular users of cocaine in the United States today.

Having a realistic idea of what drug addiction can mean and the negative effects each of these drugs can have on your body if you abuse them is the first step toward understanding what is at stake. Visit for more information.

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