Why Dome Cameras Are Vital To Your Surveillance System


If you have spent any time out in public, you have likely seen dome cameras in use. The aesthetics and functionality of their design have made them a very popular choice for video surveillance installations practically everywhere. When something is well designed, it passes the so-called test of time and stays around for a while. This is why things like eating utensils have remained the same for hundreds of years, while the rotary dial became obsolete back in the Nixon years. If the current trend is any indication, it looks like dome security cameras are here to stay.

Even though their design is superior, you can’t just get any old CCTV dome camera and call it a day. A thorough analysis of your security environment is critical to choosing the right cameras for the job. Since no two sites are alike, a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a camera will almost never be the right solution. You either pay for it in performance, reliability or cost. Taking the time up front to choose the right dome cameras will give you the right solution that stays within budget and still performs when you need it to.

Eliminating the Obviously Bad Options

Common sense up front will help you rule out choices that you don’t need for your facility. If you own a small shop inside the typical shopping mall, you probably do not need to consider exterior grade cameras rated for temperatures as low as -30°F. Chances are the mall management has cameras on the outside and their own security staff to address those areas. All you probably really need are some good interior grade cameras to cover the inside of your shop.

On the other hand, if you run a large retail store within a mall where you are among the four largest stores and have tens of thousands of square feet of floor space, you may need a full-blown security system to secure both the inside and outside of the mall.

What if you run a store in an area that has a lot of break-ins at night? If your camera does not have infrared capability, it won’t be able to pick up much even though it was running when the bad guy took a crowbar to the window on the front door and let himself in. If some of your other neighbors are in the habit of using crowbars to do damage, you may want to consider vandal-resistant dome cameras.

Dealing With the Not-So-Obvious Issues

Some cameras and their features are not as obvious, so the decision to buy requires testing, analysis and if all else fails, consulting a pro. For example, dome cameras come in fixed position models and those that pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ). Should you set up only a couple of PTZ models to cover an area or is it better to have several strategically placed fixed models?

Dome Security Camera

Economics governs a lot of decision making, but to do so at the expense of good security is risky. That lower resolution dome camera may have saved you money, but the police cannot identify your crowbar-wielding burglar, because the video is too fuzzy.


Choosing the right dome cameras for your surveillance system takes more effort than most people think. While common sense can rule out some options, you may have to consult a professional to design the proper installation. The more effort you put into the process up front, the better your system will perform and be able to help you keep your facilities secure and respond when that security is breached.

Erik Johnson is an security and CCTV expert. He writes to educate consumers and professional installers on the security topics that allow them to best secure their property. Security cameras have become the best way to secure your home and business!

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