Warehouse Optimization: Little Things Making Big Difference!


Though warehousing and distribution services have attained a good position in the market, but as they say there is always a room for improvement. So, let’s learn about the little things that can improve  working efficiency of warehouses:

  • Housekeeping: It is very rare that you get to see a clean, spotless and settled warehouse but turning this unrealistic thing true might save you many safety hazards. Areas with high traffic area should be cleaned and scrubbed every shift so that there are no broken pallets, straps or stretch wraps are present on the floor. Such debris poses unwanted hindrance in work. While the areas with less working traffic should be swept every three days. Big and easily accessible trash bins should be provided so that trash can be disposed off easily and immediately. Make sure that every thing on the shelves is neatly packed in cartons. Maintaining good housekeeping practices begets overall improvements in safety and productivity
  • Proper equipments and tools: Providing employees with proper tools and equipments is vital for proper operation and working of all the processes in the warehouse. Get good tools for every work and keep a check on them that if they are working efficiently or not. Tools like calculators. Tapes, stretch wraps etc are extremely important for every small operation any unit of the warehouse. Take extra care in keeping all these tools safe so that they don’t get lost or go home in someone’s pocket. Make sure you provide your workers with everything listed below:

 1.  Banding dispensers

2.  Banding cutters

3.  Tapes dispensers

4.  Stock carts

5.  Rolling ladders

6.  Calculators

7.  Clip boards

8.  Safety glasses

9.  Dust masks


11. Aprons

12.Wheel chocks

13.Trash containers




  •  Training employees: This aspect is significant in the effectiveness of any service. Thought this is really not a little thing but yet not that expensive. Every trainee should be trained in a correct manner to perform their work with perfection. Good employees always lead to good quality and high productivity work. Operations lacking adequate employee training and procedures are likely to suffer from bad performance, low morale of employees, low productivity and financial loss. So it is really important for the supervisors to interact with their people to tell them about their jobs and training them effectively. Good warehouse supervision is necessary for efficient working environment.
  • Maintain working standards: The use of targeted standards will obviously improve work standards. This will break the inertia with which all the employees are working. For additional information on how to keep functioning standards, visit this website: https://www.thetwincoach.com/

While optimizing the big things in warehousing and distribution companies, you often overlook the obvious thins that should be optimized as well, for their proper functioning. Keep note of the above things and provide best services to your clients.

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