Top 5 Problems with Sash Windows


While the traditional wooden sash windows offer an authentic appeal for house exteriors, damage over time does occur. The resulting deterioration cannot be ignored and in severe cases, a professional is needed to renovate or replace the windows.

From water seeping into the wood, to warping frames, to rattling windows when any wind blows, problems occur and all can be rectified. The following list contains the top five complaints reported to insurance companies:

1. Broken Cords

It is possible to re-cord the windows yourself; the cords and weights can be bought online. If you are not confident enough to fit the cord, ask a professional when you buy the cord.

2. Timber Wood Deterioration.

If it’s merely partial decay of the wood, filler can correct the uneven surface. Sometimes, this gets worse if you clean the windows for years with chemical based solutions. If the decay has led to loose joints, it may be such that you need a professional joiner to fix the issue or you may risk causing further damage. A joiner can fit corner brackets to correct loose joints due to the wood decay.

3. Sticking

Running a knife along the edge of the sash window can sometimes remedy this issue as there may have been too much paint applied. One other cause is due to a bad fitting of a staff bead replacement possibly after re- cording. Check the pulleys are not containing any dirt, and clean carefully. If the wood is warped, that can cause the sticking and you can plane the wood back to a level shape, or ask a professional if the sash window needs replacing. For further information, visit this dedicated website:

4. Draughts and Moisture

This tends to be an issue for ‘uncared for’ sash windows. If no maintenance has been done for years, it’s likely that your house is suffering from extraneous heat loss. Draught proofing with brush seals can really help you here. Moisture condensing on the windows due to high interior humidity levels can be a slow decaying problem for your windows. Check your sash windows are sealed properly. Badly installed sash windows are more susceptible to strong winds. This causes the draught problem to become worse so do check often. For comprehensive guidance on wooden sash windows, you can explore

5. On the surface, cracked paint and failed putty

Every few years, you should repaint the sash window frames. On exterior painting, do not paint the top surface of the rail on the inside. The trick here is to only paint the gap between the glass and putty. This prevents water from entering and helps the putty last longer. Replacing putty is easier to do; the epoxy resin can be bought from DIY stores or online. When cleaning the sills, use a soft soapy cloth and carefully wipe the surface.

To find out more about sash window maintenance and repair, or alternatively, if you are considering professional restoration or replacing the windows altogether, speak to specialists in traditional sash windows about available services and a quote. To find out more about the replacement of wooden sash windows, visit this website

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