Top Benefits of Skips for Blocks of Flats


If you’re a landlord with a block of flats, then you should of course do everything in your power to ensure that your tenants are as comfortable as possible. This means making sure that the properties are well maintained, that you are a good landlord and that you tend to any problems they might encounter quickly and efficiently, and that you look for properties in the first place that are going to be pleasant to live in and offer enough space and a great location. This will ensure your tenants are happy which will ensure they take care of your property and stay with you for a long time to come.

However even the best intentions can sometimes go wrong for landlords if they don’t think about the details and this means thinking about things such as the bins that are available for any rubbish. Getting this right is highly important and can make a huge difference to the day to day living for them, and the work and customer satisfaction for you.

And one way to ensure that at least this element is taken care of? Using skips which can offer a huge number of benefits. Here are we will look at few of those.


If you have lots of dustbins outside a block of flats then these won’t offer the same amount of protection as a skip would. This in turn means that if a passer-by wants to route through your tenants’ personal mail, or that if a passing fox/badger wants to route through them for rubbish, that they will be able to easily. This latter point can then also lead to rubbish spilling out everywhere and potential infestations. Use skip bins and such situations won’t be an issue and what’s in the bin will stay there.


Skips are also pretty large when compared to the majority of rubbish bins, which means more rubbish can fit in there without the need for black bags along the pavement. This will right away mean that the front drive looks better at all times (meaning a better chance of attracting new tenants), but it will also mean that you will again be less likely to get pests or animals snooping around the area. To discover more about the appealing strategies for attracting tenants, visit this website:


This can also have downsides, but allowing for every tenant to throw all their things into one single skip can make life a lot simpler because it means you won’t have people getting annoyed at each other for throwing things away. Having one large skip means that whatever your tenants need to get rid of they can just add it to the skip and no-one need know it was theirs – protecting privacy and preventing disputes that can be avoided.


Having skips like this can also just make life a lot more simple for your tenants as well as for the rubbish collectors. This means that you’re unlikely to have bins with the lids hanging off that the bin men refuse to take away, and it means you can’t have discussions about whose bin is which.

The article is contributed by Jason Straw who writes guest posts on home maintenance and improvement.

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