Why You Need Better Broadband


The internet is not only a fun and useful resource, but it is becoming essential to the way the world works. It is astounding to believe that some areas of the UK are still without an internet connection. The 90% of the UK that has internet access should take advantage of what can be offered. With more counties recently gaining super-fast broadband, it is time to upgrade to keep up with the digital revolution.

Businesses need the internet to develop

It has been reported that the economy in Wales has been damaged because of lack of access to the internet. Some areas in Wales don’t have any connection. The areas that do have internet are achieving speeds that are consistently lower than the rest of the UK. New businesses are deterred from areas that have no, or little, internet connection, which shows the importance for developing businesses to have an online presence. Small business owners should ensure that they have steady broadband in their area or locate themselves accordingly. Having internet in the home means that customers can support local businesses as well.

The internet is a learning tool

Children at school are now being set assignments that require them to use the internet. With technology becoming much more prominent in schools, they also need to have access to it at home. A strong broadband connection will give a child access to learning tools and online content. These online tools are often interactive, which need a faster speed to run smoothly, to make the tasks more engaging. By learning how to utilise the internet through education, they will learn valuable skills. They can develop their critical thinking abilities by comparing and contrasting information they receive, which can be applied to their further education and the work place.

It makes things easier

A reliable internet connection has modernised many mundane activities. This includes tax disk renewals, drivers’ licence applications and even checking the news. They now take less time to complete, are cheaper to do and now fit conveniently around a busy lifestyle. The web has become accessible to most people, making it easier to get information they need from day to day. Communicating with friends and family is simpler. Video chat has become one of the more popular and cheaper methods of contact, as it is more personal than IM’ing or e-mails. A fast internet is needed to maintain a good quality call.

More entertainment is available

The internet is not only a tool for learning and practical living, but it is also a gateway for leisure. Video-on-demand services are now common for most TV stations. It means that the time restraints of watching television are becoming obsolete. The BBC’s iPlayer, user generated content on YouTube and services such as Netflix or LoveFilm Instant are only a few examples of the vast amount of video entertainment available. It is also not limited to a computer user. Many video services are available through game consoles, to make it accessible to the family. As long as a broadband speed of over 2Mbps is reached, there should be no trouble buffering videos.

Take a look for yourself and compare broadband deals for the area that you are in. Make sure to explore the different companies in your area, as they will be competitive. A faster connection of up to 10Mpbs won’t break the bank. Even the cheapest broadband deals offer great speeds, as it is becoming the norm to expect this with any internet connection.

Beth O’Brien is a Bournemouth University student, who’s passionate about technology and gaming.

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