Top Tips for Hiring Sales Reps


Sales are the crucial factor in the success of any business —without moving your products or services you won’t have much of a business, will you? Hiring good sales reps will make or break your operation, and choosing the wrong people can be costly in terms of wasted time and money. There are never any guarantees when it comes to hiring—even the most promising of candidates can turn out to be total duds once they land the job. So the name of the game becomes minimizing this risk as much as you can. Your most powerful tool will be gathering information that can help you make more informed hiring choices and here are a few things to chew on. To discover more about the elements that support successful company operations, visit this website:  

Review the Job Description

Your job ads will be the first thing that potential candidates see, and an accurate description of what you are truly looking for in a rep is a good first step in the hiring process. If you have just been throwing up the same ad year after year as needed, it may be obsolete in some areas. It may need a bit of tweaking to accurately reflect the type of person you are looking for. Take some time to carefully think about the position and your ideal candidate and make sure any advertisements are an accurate reflection of these wants and needs. Make a list of minimum qualifications that are “musts” to help you weed through the mountain of resumes you will receive.

Keep Interview Questions Consistent

Candidates may require some unique questions to learn more about them and their sales experience, but generally, it is important to keep questions consistent throughout each of the different interviews. This will allow you to make accurate apples-to-apples comparisons between the different candidates. Gathering the same important core information from each potential hire will put you in a better position to compare their experience and see which people are the best fit. You might also consider assessment tools, such as sales testing programs that help evaluate potential sales reps to see if they fit your business needs. To discover why maintaining consistent recruiting processes is crucial, visit this website:

Make Sure Motivations Are In Line With How Your Business Works

Money is clearly a core motivator due to a commission-based structure, but what truly motivates sales reps to succeed can vary. For some, money may be the one and only thing, while others just love the rush of “closing the deal,”and still others may thrive on hitting their quota. When interviewing candidates, it is important to find out what motivates them to see if it is in line with what you need. If your business relies heavily on cold-calling for example, someone who thrives on building relationships to make sales will probably not perform as well in your business environment.

If your commission structure is currently set in stone and unlikely to change, it is important to hire reps who will be motivated by it rather than deterred—in this instance, it may be good to look at reps who have worked with a similar commission structure at previous jobs. To read more about what to look for when hiring a salesperson, visit this website:

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