Top Travel Destinations In The World That Are Hard To Miss


Exploring new places is a common passion among many of us. There are a number of places in the world which are simply awesome and can easily make our visit adventurous as well as exciting. People basically want to visit new places each time because visiting a similar place many a times can be monotonous. It is very difficult to miss some of the exotic places which are naturally beautiful and has a calm environment. But as there are so many beautiful places to visit, one gets easily confused while selecting a particular destination. You can go through a travel magazine depicting popular destinations to solve your confusion. Here are some top travel destinations in the world where your journey will be really joyful.

Top travel destinations

  • Singapore: – Singapore is one of the top tourist places in the world. Lion City is another name for Singapore. It is an amazing place to visit with a rich culture and mix of tradition as well as modernity. Basically Singapore is famous for its scenic beauty where you will be indulged in such a manner that will forget all your pains and problems. It is also a much liked destination for those who are shopaholic. The infrastructural development of the city lies in its architecture which is simply superb.
  • Berlin: – Berlin is a favourite destination among its visitors due to the presence of famous buildings and innovative structures. A number of events and functions are held in Berlin every year especially for the children so that they can enjoy their short stay in Berlin. Just like Singapore, Berlin also has a number of shopping malls which are quite famous among females. You can enjoy the resorts out there but in the peak months the resort rates are too high but still you can visit these resorts at the less rush seasons when the prices are comparatively low.
  • Paris: – Paris is treated as the city of lights and fashion. Every year millions of tourist from different corners of the world visits Paris because of great ambience. There are a lot of places to be seen in Paris such as Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dam. You can enjoy the medieval architecture of this place on your own but if you face any difficulty then you can arrange for a travel guide to help you out.
  • Thailand: – Thailand consists of many places like Phuket and Pattaya which are perfect destination for those who want to explore a place with mystery. It especially attracts those people who want to spend their holidays in resorts based on islands for peace of mind. Pattaya is quite known for its nightlife, fabulous hotels, seafood restaurants and cheap shopping malls. It is such a beautiful place that tourists won’t mind visiting it again and again.
  • Maui: – Maui is the most beloved island among all the Hawaiian Islands. This place comprises exotic beaches, green lush surroundings, fascinating nightlife and palatial resorts. Visiting an island is always a costly affair but Maui is relatively cheaper than its adjoining islands.


All the mentioned places have energetic nightlife, superb atmosphere, delicious food and rich culture. So next time when you are framing your vacation ideas, you can follow this list of top travel destinations in the world.

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