Top Destinations in Australia


Australia has so much to offer to travelers with different tastes. Whether you enjoy backpacking in the great outback, catching a killer wave along the Gold Coast, or visiting unique tourist spots, heading down under is a traveler heaven.

Have your passports and backpacks ready as I take you to some of my favorite destinations I visited while in Australia.


This city is practically Australia’s New York. Sydney is considered as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities where it accepts multicultural businesses, arts and ways of life. The world famous Sydney Opera House is located here, which is an incredibly surreal experience when standing in front of it with the Harbour Bridge just behind me.

The Rock is one of the Sydney’s most visited tourist spots where historic buildings are preserved and the vast variety of craft shops. Window shopping in the Rock was already fun for me even without spending half of my pocket money. The best way to enjoy Sydney in my experience is not having an open wallet, but having an open mind while taking in the sights and sounds of the city.


Just south of the Australia’s mainland and separated by the Bass Strait is Tasmania. The island of Tasmania, despite its size, has an incredible number of activities to do. For my time here, I enjoyed visiting the Port Author and the Brickendon and Woolmers Estate heritage sites. I could be biased with my choice since I’m a history buff, but the experience of walking through the places that are more than a century old gives off a nostalgic feel that is nothing short than euphoria. After walking around all day, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the Museum Coffee Shop.

Of course, for my first trip to Tasmania, I wouldn’t miss the chance of seeing a live Tasmanian devil and other animals unique only to this continent. Zoodoo Wildlife Park is where I was able to see them within their Native Park and I was incredibly lucky to be in time to see them feed the Tasmanian Devils. Seeing them was enough to satisfy me, but the wildlife park itself is amazing with its numerous varieties of animals indigenous to Australia, as well as two tigers from Africa. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about the top best destinations and resorts.

Great Ocean Road

This stretch of road that hugs the south-eastern coast of Australia is an entire tourist attraction in itself. From Melbourne, I took one of the available bus tours which allowed me to view the entire road itself. Now I wouldn’t say that the Twelve Apostles was the most topped destination in the Great Ocean Road, but is rather the road itself. Being able to view the coasts where land and sea meet as well as seeing Grey Kangaroos frolicking outside the bus window incredibly intriguing. I was also able to receive the same nostalgic feeling from Tasmania when the tour stopped at the Cape Otway Lighthouse where you can view the whole coast from the top.

The Gold Coast

Two words to describe the Gold Coast: gold beaches. If Sydney is the New York of Australia, then the Gold Coast is its Miami. This region is filled with stunning waterways, canals and white sand beaches. Just like Sydney, there were lots of tourist destinations to pick from.

As much as I love roller coasters or taking a relaxing stroll on the beach, there was nothing like taking an ATV and cruising around the Gold Coast. The experience was a bit like my bus tour on the Great Ocean Road, but there was an incredible amount of hands on interactivity when taking in the sites while on an ATV. The ATV ride took me through the Numinbah Valley where I got an incredible view of the Gold Coast itself.

Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

Topping the best places I visited would have to be hiking across to Uluru at Kata Tjuta National Park. The whole experience is what I imagine would be like after watching a lot of nature documentary shows. The main attraction of the park is of course Uluru. Although I wasn’t able to climb the top, just standing right next to this massive sacred rock gives off a faint spiritual buzz, which is enough to satisfy any visitor.

So, these are my top picks after visiting Australia. Of course, everyone has different tastes and I highly recommend that everyone give the destinations a try or make their own top destinations to visit since every destination is worth a try. Are you interested in learning more about adventure travel? Visit this website for further details.

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